Rivka Simone

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Rivka Simone is my new baby daughter and RivkaSimone Wines celebrates the first years of her life. To me, she’s a rarity and we believe that you will find our wines to be just as exceptional.

Each of our varietals are hand crafted by premium vintners and will be produced in limited runs of 300 bottles. The aim is to produce ultra-premium wines as rare to you as my first daughter is to me. Although points aren’t everything, the vineyards we’ve partnered with provide grapes regularly rated 92-100 points by the Wine Advocate or Wine Spectator.

My baby girl holds me spellbound and opens my heart. These wines, her wines, celebrate the smallest moments that mean the most. Like Rivka, it reminds us to savor every bit with patience and joy. Drink it in. You’ll find yourself smiling and thinking, as we do, “wow, aren’t we lucky?”